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Our 11" x 14" Caricature Face & Body in Black & White is an amazing way to immortalize yourself and someone else, or another couple of people, doing a sport, hobby, job, or other special activity! We have a range of scenarios to choose from, such as:


Couples: On the beach, Fisherman, catching a Mermaid, Angel & Devil (Good for kids or adults), Boxing (Good for kids or adults), Newlyweds, Ball player & Cheerleader. Or anything else you can think of.*


We can also draw two people as Princesses, Mermaids, Ballarinas, Cheerleaders, Shopping, Jedis, Riding horses, Riding a motorcycle, Driving a car, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Hockey, Tennis, Lacrosse, Rugby,


Let us capture your special moments in a unique and creative way*


*Artist uses their own discretion

** Prices per person

Caricature Double Face & Body in Black & White

  • Because of the ease of duplicating / copying / scanning / the drawings, once the sketch(s) has been shipped, we offer No Refunds

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